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90 Days to IoT

Build confidence in your IoT initiative with the right strategic decisions for system architecture with Calculated Systems

Create a prototype or MVP IoT data pipeline in 90 days

~26 days of professional services engagement over 3 months, distributed as 2 days per week

Calculated Systems will work with your team to map out existing data pipelines as they exist in your organization. The existing dataflow could be as simple as people sending log files over FTP or something more complex.


We will work with the team to understand the current solution state and what is required to achieve your business objectives. Beyond simply suggesting software we work with you to identify the needs of your specific use-case and then fit technology to support those needs.


Typically we will discover existing data flows and knowledge, any existing custom in-house software and correlated instrumentation, and from there we help figure out the ideal state of data flows, and map them to the best technology for an MVP (Minimal Viable Product). This engagement involves business planning, technical architecture, and documentation along with hands on execution.

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Download the 90 Days To IoT Services Description 

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