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Apache NiFi In The Cloud Crash Course Outline 



This 2-day course is intended for students looking to learn the basics of Apache NiFi -  a visually programmed software tool that automates the movement and transformation of data between systems. It is delivered via remote classroom with instructor lectures and hands-on lab exercises.


Target Audience

  • Data Engineers, Engineering Managers, Architects, Data Scientists  

  • Technical professionals with data-oriented responsibilities (i.e. scientists needing more near real-time data, data engineers looking to build a new data pipeline)


Skills Taught

  • Apache NiFi

  • Processing streaming data 

  • Cloud integrations with S3, GCP, databases (i.e. SQL, Mongo, Dynamo)

  • Basic data theory



  • Some familiarity with common data engineering practices 

  • Familiarity with the basics of modern data management: JSON, XML, SQL  

  • Programming is not required but Java or Python skills will enable power-users to leverage advanced functionality

  • AWS or GCP familiarity is an advantage but not mandatory

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