Cloud Data Engineering With Apache NiFi - Course Outline 



This 3-day course is intended for students looking to learn data processing on the cloud with Apache NiFi - a visually programmed software tool that automates the movement and transformation of data between systems. Course material will cover data engineering theory and practical development advice.  Students will learn the basics of Apache NiFi dataflow development, common patterns (feature extraction, database connectivity, etc), debugging and best practices. Completing this course will enable students to effectively develop, tune, and debug Apache NiFi dataflows.   


In addition to the instructor-led lectures, students will have individual access to labs and live demos. Practical hands-on lab exercises customized to students’ daily responsibilities will be included to provide directly applicable experience. Delivery of training is via in-person or remote classroom 

Target Audience

  • Data Engineers, Engineering Managers, Architects, Data Scientists  

  • Technical professionals with data-oriented responsibilities (i.e. scientists needing more near real-time data, data engineers looking to build a new data pipeline)


Topics and Skills 

  • Apache NiFi

  • Processing streaming data 

  • Cloud integrations with S3, GCP, databases (i.e. SQL, Mongo, Dynamo)

  • Basic data theory



  • Some familiarity with common data engineering practices 

  • Familiarity with the basics of modern data management: JSON, XML, SQL  

  • Programming is not required but Java or Python skills will enable power-users to leverage advanced functionality

  • AWS or GCP familiarity is an advantage but not mandatory

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