Automate Collection  of IoT and Equipment Data

Automatically capturing IoT data from sensors and equipment increases process efficiency and yield.


Increase Yield

Increase  process efficiency

Centralized Repository

Capture multi-faceted data in the cloud

Capture Scientific Results

Increase reliability of data collection

Traceable Data Trail

Automated  data provenance

 Analyze Instruments

Collect data for optimal performance

Adjust Parameters

Respond to process measurements

Reduce Transcription Errors

Reduce manual efforts in reporting

Support Compliance

Capture data needed for record keeping

Current Processes Can Be Inefficient

  • Data collection of environmental conditions and scientific results is time consuming and error prone, creating delays and inefficiencies

  • Manually capturing equipment performance is not feasible

  • Compliance requirements demand a robust and traceable trail of data 

Grow Data

Easily document grow variables for repeatable production and maximize yield


 Collect, analyze, and interpret scientific results from deployed products


Significantly reduce  yield loss without requiring any capital investment or retooling


Calculated Systems provides a solution to easily capture and analyze data from your systems and processes -  no coding necessary.