Calculated Systems Certified Apache NiFi in the Cloud

Calculated Systems Certified Apache NiFi in the cloud is faster and easier to deploy than developing custom in house solutions or other existing solutions for capturing, storing and analyzing machine data.


Calculated Systems Certified Apache NiFi in the Cloud provides one click deployment to  get you up and running quickly with no need for coding or technical assistance.


The visual user Interface of the highly adopted Apache NiFi, is easy to use .enables you easily capture, store, and analyze your data in the  cloud.without requiring coding skills. 


The experience of the Calculated Systems team is embedded into automated best practices for both AWS and GCP, ensuring each cloud deployment is optimally configured. 


Self-service capability for an automatically optimized deployment in AWS or GCP.  No need to become an expert in big data cloud architecture to migrate or manage your data. 


A custom built in monitoring dashboard and automatic log cleanup and management of the NIFI server reduces requirements for administration and maintenance.


Built-in perimeter security with password protection deters unauthorized access when deploying in an open cloud environment. Unused port blocking provides an extra layer of intrusion protection.

Calculated Systems Certified Apache NiFi provides a robust big data architecture out of the box, and enables you to get started quickly on improving asset performance management capabilities to optimize operations and profitability



The Calculated Systems team has expertise in Hadoop, Google Cloud and AWS and have published multiple books on big data.  Contact us  about  our professional services offerings.


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