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Certified Apache NiFi

Ready to run. Right out of the box.

Launch on AWS

Ready to do go, out of the box.  Avoid the startup hassle and start processing your data immediately.


Get started processing data with Certified Apache NiFi in real-time with no coding experience necessary.  Deploy our managed Apache Nifi image on AWS and start streaming data via a drag and drop interface.  Integrate with web servers, databases, or even just raw files to pull together information and derive insights.

Get Your Data

Setup information pipelines in Nifi.  Get your data from where it is to somewhere useful!

No Coding

Leverage a drag and drop interface to start developing flows.


Share a work-space with your whole team, or even company to develop collaborative flows.

Real Time

React to information as it appears to you, pull from any source of information.

How It Works

We take the initial management and configuration out of deploying Apache Nifi!


Up to Date

Trust that your environment is up to date with the latest versions


Expert Advice

Get help from published experts



We took care of common problems that will destabilize Nifi



Deploy to multiple different size VMs or even containers


Quick Start

Get a jump start through using our premade templates


Rapid Deployment

Deploy us directly from the AWS or Azure Store


Integrated with AWS


We enable you to get started on AWS with almost no startup hassle.  Our Amazon Service can be spun up and immediately connected to without needing to configure VMs, settings, or downloading files.

Learn with NiFi for Dummies

NiFi for Dummies is an easy to pickup start to all Nifi 101 questions.  Using this book you will learn:

  • How to collect data efficiently

  • Curation and filtering

  • Real time information enrichment

  • Debugging and monitoring

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