The data-driven future is here.

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Calculated Systems Certified Apache NiFi in the Cloud is an out of the box solution to easily move, analyze and transform your IoT data

Visual user interface for capturing your data

A graphical interface for the highly adopted Apache NiFi, is easy to use and enables you to easily capture, store, and analyze your IoT data in the cloud

Quickly capture and analyze data in the cloud

A single platform for improved asset performance management, for a holistic view across engineering, operations, maintenance and reliability

Get started immediately - no coding required

Self-service “one click” deployment for NiFi gets you up and running quickly without requiring expertise in big data architecture and operations


How we help your business


Easily capture streaming data generated by a variety of IoT devices without extensive coding expertise and lead time.


 Gain visibility of asset performance for a competitive edge in terms of scrap rate, efficiency maintenance and inventory.


Give subject matter experts comprehensive datasets to derive new insights and transform a product company into a data company. 

Learn about Apache NiFi

Looking to learn more about Apache NiFi in the cloud?  Download Apache Nifi for Dummies, with content authored by Calculated Systems personnel.   


Case Studies

Working with data from a breast cancer detection company, Calculated Systems was able to help decrease yield loss from 14.5% to 1.6%. Our technology helped technicians analyze the data to better detect breast cancer. Learn more.

Streaming Data to AWS S3 for Consolidation

We helped one customer get data to the cloud by refining their data into actionable information. Calculated Systems not only moved raw files to AWS S3 but improved the process to include streaming data enrichment. Learn how.

Working with a manufacturing firm, Calculated Systems co-developed a new way to handle their legacy, current and future device data. The result? More value from IoT data in a new data store where data is immediately available.  Learn more.