Getting Started on GCP - NiFi



Get up and running quickly without needing to spend time setting up and administering your environment.  We take care of all of the initialization, configuration, and stabilizing for Nifi.  Our process will help protect you from common pitfalls associated with open source software such as JVM issues and logging configuration.

Up and Running in Minutes

  1. Go to our Marketplace Page (Click Above)

  2. Press "Launch on Compute Engine"

3.  Name your deployment and select your zone, machine, and disk. 
Note: Recommended  defaults are filled in.

4.  You will connect via password protected HTTP interface


Entering for all IP origins is considered "default"

For additional security you may wish to restrict the IP Source range to just your IP address

5. Accept the terms of Service

6. Click the Deploy button

7. Wait a until the deployment is completed

8. Click "Visit the Site" and you will be prompted by a login page

9.  The username and password are available on the deployment page

10. Login to NLP NiFI via the credentials on the deployment page

11. NiFi Starting will be displayed while the system completes initialization. 


The Log stream window will display the current nifi-app.log so power users can monitor progress

13. Press the launch NiFi button when it turns blue

13. Get to Work!

Next Step  

Download Nifi for Dummies ebook