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Improve Asset Performance Management in Manufacturing

Migrating operations and performance data into the cloud provides the visibility needed for a competitive edge in terms of scrap rate, efficiency analysis, and even throughput. 


Reduce Scrap Rate

Increase  efficiency and profitability

Enable Defect Analysis

Gather the data needed for analysis

  Improve   Monitoring

Collect operations and maintenance data

Reduce Config Errors

Automatically detect changes

Reduce Inventory Costs

Optimize supply chain to meet demands

Improve Forecasting

Reveal patterns in supply and demand

Converge Perspectives

Create a holistic view from different datasets

Predict  Maintenance

Discover patterns and reduce downtime

 Improve  Analysis

Collect multifacted data in the cloud

Multiple teams generate the relevant data for Asset Performance Management (APM): process engineering, operations, maintenance and reliability, In addition the variety of IoT data in a manufacturing environment brings a mix of streaming data which requires extensive coding expertise and lead time to collect and analyze. 


Calculated Systems Certified Apache NiFi in the Cloud is an out of the box solution to easily move, analyze and transform your IoT manufacturing data, no coding necessary.

Calculated Systems Apache NiFi In the Cloud

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