Legacy(Beta) Getting Started on AWS


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Get up and running quickly without needing to spend time setting up and administering your environment.  We take care of all of the initialization, configuration, and stabilizing for Nifi.  Our process will help protect you from common pitfalls associated with open source software such as JVM issues and logging configuration.

Up and Running in Minutes

  1. Go to your AWS Instance launcher or click the button above

  2. Press Launch Instance

3.  Search for "Calculated Systems" in the search bar

4.  Select "AWS Marketplace"

7.  Press the blue select button next to calculated systems

6.  Pick your instance type we recommend T2.large for starters

7.  Click "Next: Configure Instance Details"

8.  Click "Next: Add Storage - We suggest creating a boot instance size of >50GB" 

9. Click "Next: Add tags"

10.Select 'click to add Name Tag' and name your Nifi

11. Click "Next: Configure Security Group"

12.  If you wish to control access to nifi select "My IP" from source for all rows.  Port 80 is required.

13. Press Review and Launch

14. Press Launch

15. Create an new keypair or use an existing one.

16. Press Confirm

17 Press "View Instances"

18.  Nifi is now auto-launching and setting itself up, please allow for upto 5 minutes

19.  Copy the variable "Public DNS (IPv4)" into your address bar

20. You will be prompted for a username and login

Username: admin

Password: the instanceID in the instance description

21. Login to your service.  If you get no response or "502" get an extra cup of coffee while Nifi starts up

22. Get to Work! 

Next Step:

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