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Streaming for Beginners 

An IoT and Web-App Crash Course

From the authors of "Nifi for Dummies" is a new free webinar designed to help absolute beginners understand how they can start running better, real-time systems today.

We believe that real time processes should be easy to create.  Event management, such as with IoT devices is not only for those with  years of experience.  When we provide Calculated Systems training to Fortune 500 companies they do not have time to work through abstract concepts that take semesters to explain.  Our training cuts straight to the heart of the program to deliver functional results, immediately.









Our webinar will teach you to:

  • Design a real time application

  • Get started via a drag and drop interface; if you can do excel you can use Nifi

  • Entirely open source free execution engine - no royalties on any applications created

Free Webinar - 101 Course

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