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Solutions for dynamic, data-driven organizations

The data-driven future is here? Are you ready? We can help.

Calculated Systems offers these services and more.

Data Strategy

Turn data into knowledge that drives business decisions

Cloud Migration

Get data into the cloud with certified technology

Staff Development

Train your team to understand complex data problems


Case Studies

Streaming Data to AWS S3 for Consolidation

Working with data from a breast cancer detection company, Calculated Systems was able to help decrease yield loss from 14.5% to 1.6%. Our technology helped technicians analyze the data to better detect breast cancer. Learn more.

We helped one customer get data to the cloud by refining their data into actionable information. Calculated Systems not only moved raw files to AWS S3 but improved the process to include streaming data enrichment. Learn how.

Working with a manufacturing firm, Calculated Systems co-developed a new way to handle their legacy, current and future device data. The result? More value from IoT data in a new data store where data is immediately available.  Learn more.

Case Studies

About Us

Innovation in a Dynamic Environment

Calculated Systems provides strategy, solutions and services to organizations who want to get more value from their data. Working with us, our customers increase their data literacy and become more collaborative and competitive in today’s data-driven world.

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