Calculated Systems Announces to Accelerate Business Intelligence

Detroit, MI, Nov 17, 2020, Calculated Systems, a leader in collecting, mapping and transforming cloud data, announced today it has launched a multi-cloud insights dashboard. This automated dashboard provides a single view of cloud customer behavior, making it easy to understand where your cloud sales and usage trends are across AWS, GCP and/or Azure cloud platforms.

A multi-cloud dashboard for ISVs, reduces the manual efforts for complex data collection from cloud providers, and makes insights available immediately, so ISVs have meaningful accurate, up-to-date information about cloud sales and customer usage patterns. Automated programming interfaces with available APIs from the different cloud platform vendors to extract data in multiple formats and transforms into a common schema for easy consumption by sales teams and company leadership.




“ was the result of our experience with managing our own sales across multiple cloud marketplaces. We needed a more efficient way to understand client activity and accelerate sales insights and revenues”, says Chris Gambino, CEO of Calculated Systems. “Now with, we have instant alerts when new customers sign up for our cloud offering – on any platform, and we can easily see which customers are driving increased usage and which are not.“

For any software vendor selling cloud applications, provides the automated visibility of cloud marketplace trends, eliminating the complex and time-consuming efforts to collect cloud sales and usage data from multiple endpoints, extract, clean, convert and format and present it for actionable insights.


About Calculated Systems

Calculated Systems solves the challenges of mapping and analyzing complex data and accelerates the preparation of data for use by data scientists and analysts. We are experts at solving large-scale data problems across finance, healthcare and manufacturing industries utilizing AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and proprietary platforms. Leveraging our experience, we invented Patterns.Io to provide a single view of cloud customer sales and usage across multiple cloud platforms. Learn more at or follow us on LinkedIn at LinkedIn Profile


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