Calculated Systems joins the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, offering certified Apache NiFi

November 16, 2020 – Calculated Systems, the leading provider of next-generation ‘big-data’ movement, in collaboration with Microsoft’s Azure marketplace, announced today that its Certified Apache Ni-Fi is now a certified solution in the Azure Marketplace. Download certified Apache Nifi on Azure

Apache NiFi is a visually programmed software tool that automates the movement and transformation of data between systems. It enables you to easily capture, move, enrich and transform machine data, Internet of Things (IoT data) and streaming data between systems. Simple drag and drop interface enables creation of data pipelines from commercial data feeds, manufacturing equipment, IoT sensors, web servers, and business reporting and moves the data into a variety of systems such as S3, EMR, SQL databases, DynamoDB, Couchbase, MongoDB, HBase, ElasticSearch, HIVE, Kinesis, Postgres MySQL, FTP Servers as well as tools such as Snowflake or BigQuery.

Calculated Systems Apache NiFi in the Cloud is a one-click deployment that automatically launches Apache NiFi in Azure quickly and securely without any coding or complex configuration. This out-of-the-box, optimized deployment of Apache NiFi protects users from common pitfalls associated with open source software such as Java virtual machine (JVM) issues and logging configuration by managing all initialization, configuration and perimeter security needed. No need to become an expert in big data cloud architecture to migrate or manage your data.

To learn more about Apache NiFi download our free ebook: Apache NiFI for Dummies: authored by several members of the Calculated Systems Team.

Utilize Calculated Systems Apache NiFi instance from Azure here: